Scandinavian Interior Design: Meaning, Features, And How to Do It

Scandinavian interior design is simple, characterized by functionality and minimalism. This kind of design is influenced by a connection to nature that combines abstractions, natural shapes, and the use of natural elements. Scandi interior design has been around since the 1950s, and it is still a popular style in interior design today.

What is the Scandinavian Style?

Scandinavian interior design is a clutter-free and minimal design style that stresses natural light, airy spaces, and clean lines. The roots of this type of design are based in the Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Modern Scandinavian interior design focuses on functionalities, minimalism, and coziness.

Scandinavian Interior Design features

Scandinavian decor is mostly used by interior designers who look to create something posh for their clients. Below are some of the for this type of design:

Use of muted colors

To have a perfect Scandinavian interior scheme, you have to use muted colors like brown, white, black, or gray that create a clean and calm look. These colors can make a room look spacious, subtle, and simple.

Bright colors

For any modern Scandinavian living room, you will realize that it has to be bright for it to look captivating. Take into consideration the use of natural light before putting up other light sources. Therefore, this design will work best for you in a region that offers constant light exposure. Bright colors assist in providing a little bit of warmth and visibility to the style.

Soft textures

If you look at a Scandinavian house design, you will realize the style involves natural materials and soft texture. The floor is made out of light woods like ash and pine to keep their cozy and warm theme. For smooth surfaces you can use sheepskins or mohair throws.

Geometric furniture

Scandinavian design furniture has natural wooden surfaces that are functional and geometric. For example, you will realize the table has compass legs, and the fabrics on chairs have cotton, fur, and linen. For more features, take a look at this article:

Scandinavian decor tips

Scandinavian room decor goes well with natural elements like light; you must maximize their use to bring out the Scandi style. A bedroom or a kitchen Scandinavian interior design should be simple and cozy if you use natural and soothing tones, and add modern furniture.

In conclusion

You cannot still be wondering what is a Scandinavian style in interior design. This style is beautiful and fully functional. It mainly comprises of clean and straight lines. If you keep things simple and stick to the minimum, you will create a decor accommodating this type of design.